Unraveling Mental Disorders with Neuroimaging

A Warwick-Fudan Workshop at Fudan University, Shanghai PR China
17-20 June, 2012

Sunday 17 June
Shanghai Highlights Sightseeing Tour
Monday 18 June
Resting State & related topics
Tuesday 19 June
Networks and Causality
Wednesday 20 June
Modelling mental disorders
Jianfeng Feng (Warwick Computer Science & Fudan Mathematics)
Thomas Nichols (Warwick Statistics & Warwick Manufacturing Group)
Local Organizers
Yuguo Yu (Centre for Computational Systems Biology, Fudan University)
Jie Zhang (Centre for Computational Systems Biology, Fudan University)
Welcome to our workshop!
Unraveling Mental Disorders with Neuroimaging
We invite all participates to a day of sight-seeing in Shanghai on Sunday 17th of June. The workshop will commence with a welcome reception and dinner Sunday night. Over the next three days, 18-20 June, there will be 3 distinguished invited lectures each morning, and 4 trainee talks each afternoon.
Each speaker has 45 mins to talk and 10 for questions.
Workshop Schedule
Sunday 17 June: Shanghai Highlights Sightseeing Tour
Noon - 4PM
A guided tour through the French Concession, the historic Yuyuan Garden and ending in the City God's Temple Bazaar.
Monday 18 June: Resting State and related topics
Morning Session
1. Christian Beckmann (Donders Institute & University of Twente): Independent Component Analysis for Resting-State Functional Connectivity
2. Jianfeng Feng (Warwick and Fudan): Data analyzing and neuron modelling in schizophrenia
3. Xiaoping Hu (Emory University): Neuroimaging Study of Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol and Cocaine
Afternoon Session
4. Tianzi Jiang (CAS): Brainnetome Meets Genome
5. Vinod Menon (Stanford University): Large-scale brain networks in psychopathology: A unifying triple-network model
6. Edmund Rolls (Warwick CS): Componential Granger Causality analyses of fMRI data reveal effective connections from the somatosensory cortex to the orbitofrontal cortex; communication before oscillations become coherent; and attractor network models of schizophrenia to help interpret fMRI data
7. Fuqiang Xu (CAS, Wuhan): Correlation of BOLD-fMRI, Local Field Potential, and Intrinsic Optical Signals in the Olfactory Bulb
Tuesday 19 June: Networks and Causality
Morning Session
1. Mingzhou Ding (Florida): Analyzing coherent brain networks with Granger causality
2. D.S. Fahmeed Hyder (Yale University): Carbon footprint of resing human brains: On regional and behavioral differences
3. Ching-po Lin (Taiwan): Altered Antomical Networks in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Afternoon Session
4. Zhening Liu (Xian Ya Hospital): Resting-state network in schizophrenia
5. Zhiqing Zhang (Nanjing University School of Medicine): From epileptic activation localization to network mapping, multi-modality MRI investigation on epilepsy
6. Demian Wassermann (Harvard Medical School): In Vivo Dissection and Statistical Analysis of Cerebral White Matter Structures from Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
7. Pedro Valdes-Sosa (Cuba): Effective estimation of effective connectivity
Conference Dinner
An exotic dinner will be held at Lu Bolang Restaurant.
Wednesday 20 June: Modelling mental disorders
Morning Session
1. QiYong Gong (Chinese West Hospital): Translational MR imaging research for Psychiatry
2. Tim Johnson (University of Michigan): A Nonparametric Bayesian Spatial Point Process Approach to Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Locations
3. Keith Kendrick (UESTC): Cognitive, social and emotional effects of amygdala lesion in humans
Afternoon Session
4. Chunbo Li (Med-X-Shanghai Mental Health Center Joint Neuroimaging Research Center): Cognitive training for community elderly in Shanghai, China: From evidence to mechanism
5. YiJun Liu (Florida, Peking): fMRI of human emotions and addiction
6. Thomas Nichols (Warwick Stats & WMG): Powerful & computationally efficient tests for whole-brain whole-genome association
7. Gunter Schumann (King's College, London): The IMAGEN study: modelling reinforcement-related behaviour in a large adolescent sample
Comming Soon!
There will be a nominal registration fee of 100 US dollars which will cover all meals and refreshments.
Onsite payment of the registration fee will be available during the registration time of the meeting on June 17th. Participants can pay by credit card & receipts provided.
Local Information
Conference Venue
The conference will be held in Room 103 of the Sub-Building of the East Guanghua Tower in Fudan University Campus.
Accommodation will be arranged at Fudan Yanyuan Hotel. They are located near the main campus of Fudan University. There are also two websites for participants who need to book hotel by themselves as below. We recommend you to choose the hotel near Fudan University (220 Handan Road, Yangpu District). Ctrip: http://english.ctrip.com/ & Elong: http://www.elong.net/
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