Bjoern Schelter
Published:2014-08-26 Hits:1095

Bjoern Schelter assumed the position as Chair Professor in the Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology, the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, and the Department of Physics at King’s College, University of Aberdeen, in 2014 after being a Senior Lecturer for 2 years. Before he was running his group “Multivariate Time Series Analysis in Neurology” at the Freiburg Centre for Data Analysis and Modelling and the Department of Physics at the University of Freiburg. His main focus of research is in data-based modelling and model-based data analysis in the Life Sciences.

Dr Schelter looks back to roughly 15 years of experience in developing and applying mathematical methods for the analysis of time series with particular focus on bridging linear stochastic systems and nonlinear dynamics. Complementing his theoretical research, the spectrum of applications he has contributed to include various fields in the Neurosciences, in particular epilepsy research, tremor research with focus on Parkinson’s disease as well as dementia research. To achieve this, several theoretical developments became necessary. He has contributed to the development of mathematical methods, ranging from linear approaches to non-linear dynamics. The methods cover parametric as well as non-parametric techniques. Statistical aspects present an important part of the developments. His mathematical/ theoretical contributions are documented in roughly 30 publications. Software tools have been developed to enable a user-friendly interface to the techniques developed. Another 30 publications document Dr Schelter’s successful applications in the Life Sciences. His research has not only elicited a number of international collaborations to University partners but also several collaborations to industry partners to exploit his ideas commercially.

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