HE sixth Shanghai International Symposium on Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (Shanghai NSA’14) will be held at Fudan University in Shanghai and at Zhoushan Islands on June 26-July 1, 2014.

Shanghai NSA’14 is sponsored by the Shanghai Society of Nonlinear Science and the Shanghai Centre for Nonlinear Science, organized by the Centre for Computational Systems Biology and the School of Mathematical Sciences of Fudan University, and supported by the LMNS (Fudan University) of Ministry of Education, the Shanghai Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Nonlinear Science of Donghua University and the Natural Science Foundation of China.

Nonlinear science is one of the focusing research fields and most active scientific frontier in this century, and Shanghai NSA’14 is devoted to this important area of scientific research.  The theme of the symposium is intended to be broad enough so as to cover most of the directions in nonlinear science, with the aim of promoting wide interactions among researchers from different academic disciplines who are interested in nonlinear science and related technologies.  The symposium will provide both experts and new comers from different research backgrounds with an excellent opportunity to review the latest progress and development in the field of nonlinear science, and to exchange their experience, progress, and ideas.  The symposium will consist of both oral and poster presentations in six days.

A few renowned leading scientists in the field of nonlinear sciences have committed to give plenary or invited talks at Shanghai NSA’14.  Mathematical and physical theories, physical and chemical experiments, engineering design, biological studies, and various applications are included in the main program of the symposium.  Topics include but are not limited to the following:


The 6th Shanghai International Symposium on Nonlinear Sciences And Applications

June 26-July 1, 2014
Shanghai & Zhoushan Islands, China

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Organized by:
Centre for Computational Systems Biology and School of Mathematical Sciencs, Fudan University
Sponsored by: Research Center for Nonlinear Sciences of Fudan Univrsity and Shanghai Society for Nonlinear Sciences
Co-sponsored by: Shanghai Center for Nonlinear Sciences
Supported by: NSF China, LMNS(Fudan University), SCMS

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