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A paper by Professor Jianfeng Feng’s group was published in the journal Nature Partner Journal Schizophrenia as Featured Article
Published:2015-05-22 Hits:1157

In the May 2015 of the journal Nature Partner Journal Schizophrenia, a paper by Professor Jianfeng Feng’s group was published as Featured Article.

The editor of the journal described the work as follows:
Wernicke’s concept of ‘sejunction’ or aberrant associations among specialized brain regions is one of the earliest hypotheses attempting to explain the myriad of symptoms in psychotic disorders. Unbiased data mining of all possible brain-wide connections in large data sets is an essential first step in localizing these aberrant circuits. In the largest brain-wide imaging study of its kind to date, Jianfeng Feng at Fudan University, China/Warwick University, UK, together with an international team, used data collected from resting-state functional MRI brain scans of 415 schizophrenia patients and 405 healthy controls from hospitals in four different countries to find which regions and connections were most affected.
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