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Professor David Waxman attended 11th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals
Published:2012-12-13 Hits:948

On December 10th, 2012, David Waxman, a professor in the Centre for Computational Systems Biology at Fudan University, made a visit Shenzhen, in Guangdong province. He was one of 42 people who, in a formal ceremony at the 11th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals, received the title of “State Specially Recruited Expert” and was presented with a certificate by Yin Weimin, Vice minister of the Organization Department of the CCCPC.

In an afternoon session of the Conference, Professor Waxman made the suggestion that the students and assistants of Foreign Experts would benefit from the establishment of a web-based network, which would allow them to communicate with each other and compare the different practices of their supervisors. He said that ultimately, such a network would enhance the opportunities and contributions of these young people, who will form part of the next generation of scientists and technologists in China.



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