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The leaders from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs visited Professor David Waxman
Published:2012-11-23 Hits:961

On November 13th 2012, Yongzhi Liu, Director of the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel, brought his team to Fudan University. The purpose of the visit was to meet Professor David Waxman, who has been selected as one of the first State Foreign Thousand Talents. The meeting was also attended by members of the Shanghai Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and officials from Fudan University, including Vice President Xiaoman Chen, Yinzhang Chen (Foreign Affairs), Wenqing Tang (Foreign Affairs), Xiaoyin Xu (Human Resources) and Wei Lin (Centre for Computational Systems Biology).

In the meeting, Vice President Chen briefly introduced Professor Waxman’s work and background. Director Liu complimented the work done by Fudan University and invited Professor Waxman to give some suggestions, based on his experience. Professor Waxman thought that it might increase the level of scientific collaboration in China if the significance of being first or corresponding author on a scientific paper were de-emphasised, so more people could gain credit for being involved in a paper. Furthermore, he suggested that collaboration of individuals in different subject areas should be encouraged, and that this could possibly be achieved by sharing a PhD student. He also mentioned that a specialised information pack, concerning all relevant aspects of living in China, would be very helpful to foreign experts if they were given this shortly after arriving in China. Director Liu thanked Professor Waxman for his suggestions.

After the meeting, the attendees came to Professor Waxman’s office to see his working environment and had brief discussions with staff and PhD students in the Centre for Computational Systems Biology.

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