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  • [J] Xiaohong Gong, Wenlian Lu, Keith M. Kendrick, Weidan Pu, Chu Wang, Li Jin, Guangmin Lu, Zhening Liu, Haihong Liu, and Jianfeng Feng (2014) A Brain-wide Association Study of DISC1 Genetic Variants Reveals a Relationship with the Structure and Functional Connectivity of the Precuneus in Schizophrenia. Human Brain Mapping, doi: 10.1002 / hbm. 22560.  
  • [J] Sylvane Desrivieres, et al. Jianfeng Feng, Gunter Schumann (2014) Single nucleotide polymorphism in the neuroplastin locus associates with cortical thickness and intellectual ability in adolescents. Molecular Psychiatry, doi: 10.1038/ mp. 2013.197.  
  • [J] J Zhang, Keith M Kendrick, Guangming Lu, Jianfeng Feng (2014) The fault lies on the other side: altered brain functional connectivity in psychiatric disorders is mainly caused by counterpart regions in the opposite hemisphere. Cerebral Cortex, doi:10.1093/cercor/bhu173.  
  • [P] Weidan Pu, Edmund T. Rolls, Shuixia Guo, Haihong Liu, Yun Yu, Zhimin Xue, Jianfeng Feng, Zhening Liu (2014) Altered Functional Connectivity Links in Neuroleptic-naïve and Neuroleptic-treated Patients with Schizophrenia, and their Relation to Symptoms Including Volition. NeuroImaging, (in press).  
  • [J] Chun-Chi Liu, Yu-Ting Tseng, Wenyuan Li, Chia-Yu Wu, Ilya Mayzus, Andrey Rzhetsky, Fengzhu Sun, Michael Waterman, Jeremy J. W. Chen, Preet M. Chaudhary, Joseph Loscalzo, Edward Crandall and Xianghong Jasmine Zhou (2014) DiseaseConnect: a comprehensive web server for mechanism-based disease–disease connections.Nucleic Acids Research, doi: 10.1093 / nar / gku412.  
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  • [J] Yuguo Yu, Jan Karbowski, Robert NS Sachdev and Jianfeng Feng (2014) Effect of temperature and glia in brain size enlargement and origin of allometric body-brain size scaling in vertebrates. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 14(178).  
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