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  • D. Waxman (2011) A Unified Treatment of the Probability of Fixation When Population Size and the Strength of Selection Change Over Time. Genetics, 188: 907-913.  
  • Amanda J. Foust, Yuguo Yu, Marko Popovic, Dejan Zecevic, and David A. McCormick (2012) Somatic Membrane Potential and Kv1 Channels Control Spike Repolarization in Cortical Axon Collaterals and Presynaptic Boutons. The Journal of Neuroscience, 31(43):15490 –15498.  
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  • D. Waxman (2011) A Unified Treatment of the Probability of Fixation when Population Size and the Strength of Selection Change Over Time. Genetics, 188: 907–913.  
  • Dimitrios V. Vavoulis, Volko A. Straub, John A. D. Aston, Jianfeng Feng. A Self-Organizing State-Space-Model Approach for Parameter Estimation in Hodgkin-Huxley-Type Models of Single Neurons. PLoS Comp. Biol. (accepted)  
  • Tian Ge, Jianfeng Feng, Fabian Grabenhorst, Edmund T. Rolls (2012) Componential Granger causality, and its application to identifying the source and mechanisms of the top–down biased activation that controls attention to affective vs sensory processing. NeuroImage, 59: 1846–1858.  
  • Qiang Luo, Tian Ge, Jianfeng Feng (2011) Granger causality with signal-dependent noise. NeuroImage, 57: 1422–1429.  
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  • Xiwei Liu, Tianping Chen, Wenlian Lu (2011) Cluster Synchronization in Uncertain Neural Networks Through Adaptive Controllers. Differ Equ Dyn Syst, 19(1&2):47–61.  
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