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Evolution and Genetics Modelling Laboratory


Principle Investigators:
Prof. David Waxman
Associate Prof. Ruoyu Luo


Research in the Evolution and Genetic Modelling Group focuses on topics in evolutionary biology and genetics that are susceptible to a modelling approach. This involves the use of mathematics, statistics and computer simulations and covers aspects of theoretical, mathematical and computational biology. Most of the biological systems we consider have random or stochastic aspects. Our research includes:

1. Theoretical Population Genetics
Understanding the interactions of fundamental processes such as selection, mutation, drift and migration, and their theoretical underpinnings. Recent work has determined how fluctuating selection and changing population sizes modify the outcome of random genetic drift.

2. Evolutionary Theory
Predicting how the complex patterns and phenomena of nature arise from simple interactions. Recent work has investigated how the information stored within the genomes of early organisms may be enhanced by sex and epistasis.

3. Cell Biology
Understanding how robustness and regulation of phenomena at the cell level arise from processes occurring in a noisy/stochastic environment. Recent work has involved the development of a stochastic algorithm for simulating the gene regulation system of E.coli.

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