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A paper by members of the Centre was highlighted in Editors' Choice of the journal Science
Published:2014-10-29 Hits:1565

In the 17 October 2014 edition of the journal Science, the Editors' Choice Section highlighted a paper by Lei Zhao, Martin Lascoux and David Waxman that was published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology. All authors are associated with the Centre for Computational Systems Biology, School of Mathematical Sciences and School of Biological Sciences, Fudan University: Zhao is a PhD student, Lascoux, from Uppsala University, is a regular visitor to the Centre, and Waxman is a professor in the Centre. The work is entitled "Exact simulation of conditioned Wright–Fisher models."


A member of the Editorial Board of Science described the work as follows:

"Most complex systems have an element of randomness—Even if we can describe them exactly at one point in time, we don't know for certain where they will be next. Scientists use stochastic equations to compute the many possible trajectories these systems can take. If we constrain both end points of such trajectories, the usual approach to calculating all trajectories and rejecting those that do not end at the desired final point can be very inefficient. Zhao et al. introduced an approach in which they modified the probabilities for moving from one state to the next, so that the system was guaranteed to reach the set final state. The authors used examples from population genetics to illustrate the power of the method."


This work builds on other work by the authors that was published in the journal Genetics.

For more details, see:


Lei Zhao, Martin Lascoux and David Waxman, Journal of Theoretical Biology 363 (2014) 419–426

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