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Visiting Professor Michael Waterman, a leading researcher in bioinformatics,will give lessons in a summer school of the Centre
Published:2014-07-17 Hits:1832

Visiting Professor Waterman, who was elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a Foreign Member, was invited to give lessons in the Summer School in Modern Biological Mathematics in 2014 by the Centre for Computational Systems Biology. This summer school will last for one month. Professor Waterman’s lessons are focused on bioinformatics and related subjects.


The Summer School in Modern Biological Mathematics in 2014 will be held between July 13th and August 15th in the Guanghua Building of Fudan University. It aims to attract not only Ph.D. students with good backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, physics and other quantitative subjects, who are interested in research in modern biomathematics, but also young students and researchers in biomedicine with a good mathematical background. The summer school has attracted 276 applicants, but only 100 applicants were finally chosen. It is hoped the summer school will promote the development of modern biomathematics in China, and also provide a sustainable exchange platform for teachers and students in this area.


Links: Michael Waterman was named a Guggenheim Fellow (1995), elected to the American Academy of Art and Sciences (1995), elected to the National Academy of Sciences (2001) and to the National Academy of Engineering (2012). He is also a Fellow of the following scientific organizations: American Association for the Advancement of Science(2001), Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and International Society of Computational Biology(2009). In fall 2000 he became the first Fellow of Celera Genomics. In 2002 he received a Gairdner Foundation International Award and in 2005 he was elected to the French Académie des Sciences.

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