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Qiang Luo
Published:2013-11-15 Hits:1826

Qiang Luo
Youth Associate Principle Investigator
Centre for Computational Systems Biology, Fudan University
Office Phone: 86-21-55665546
2013            Shanghai Center for Mathematical Science, Fudan University, Postdoc
2004-2010 School of Sciences, NUDT,  Ph.D.
2000-2004 School of Sciences, NUDT, Bachelor
2009 “Zhou Mingxi” Scholarship for top 1% PhD student, NUDT, 2009
2008 China Scholarship Council Award (No. 208611029) , China Scholarship Council
2007 Outstanding Student in NUDT


1. Complex network theory and application;
2. Data-driven reconstruction of biological networks;
3. Statistical inferences, including causality inference and network learning;
4. Functional brain network modeling for mental disorders.
Representative Publications:
1. Q Luo, T Ge, F Grabenhorst, J Feng, E. Rolls. Attention-dependent modulation of cortical taste circuits revealed by Granger causality with signal-dependent noise. PLoS Computational Biology, 9(10): e1003265, 2013.
2. Q Luo, W Lu, W Cheng, PA Valdes-Sosa, X Wen, M Ding, J Feng. Spatio-temporal Granger causality: a new framework. NeuroImage, 79:241-63,2013.
3. Q Luo, R Hamer, G Reinert, C Deane. Local network patterns in protein-protein interfaces. PLoS One, 8(3): e57031, 2013.
4. Q Luo, T Ge, J Feng, Granger Causality with Signal-dependent noise, NeuroImage, 57:1422-1429, 2011.
5. R. Hamer*, Q Luo*, J.P. Armitage, G. Reinert, C.M. Deane, i-Patch: Inter-Protein Contact Prediction using Local Network Information, Proteins,78(13):2781-97, 2010.(* contributed equally to the paper)

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