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Shuqin Zhang
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Shuqin Zhang

Associate Professor

Center for Computational Systems Biology, Fudan University

School of Mathematcial Science, Fudan University


Office Phone: 86-21-55665548

Homepage: N/A



2009-Pres. Associate Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University,

2007-2009 Assistant Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University,

2003-2007 Ph.D. Degree, Applied Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong



1. Mathematical models and algorithms in bioinformatics and computational biology

2. Computational methods and scientific computing


Representative Publications:

1. S. Zhang, W. Ching, X. Chen, and N. Tsing, Generating Probabilistic Boolean Networks from a Prescribed Stationary Distribution, Information Sciences, 180, 2560-2570, 2010.

2. S. Zhang,W. Ching, , N. Tsing, H. Leung, and D. D. Guo, A New Multiple Regression Approach for Building Genetic Networks, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 48,153-160,2010.

3. S. Zhang,T. J. DeGraba,  H. Wang, et al.,  A Novel Peak Detection Approach with Chemical Noise Removal Using Short-Time FFT for prOTOF MS Data, Proteomics, 9, 3833-3842, 2009.

4. W. Ching, S. Zhang*, M. K. Ng, and T. Akutsu, An Approximation Method for Solving the Steady-state Probability Distribution of Probabilistic Boolean Networks, Bioinformatics, 23(12): 1511-1518, 2007. (SCI) (* Corresponding author)


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