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Yunxin Zhang
Published:2011-11-29 Hits:2720


Yunxin Zhang

Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University
Tel: 021-55665008(O)


2003-2006 Fudan University PhD. Applied Partial Differential Equations
1994-1997 Fudan University Master Functional Analysis
1990-1994 East China Normal University Abstract Mathematics



I am interested in numerical methods of partial differential equations (PDEs) and integral equations (IEs). Recently, I am mainly attracted by cell biological related mathematical and physical problems, such as the mechanism of single molecular motors, the cargo motion in living cells transported by cooperation of motor proteins, the traffic problems in cells and the dynamics of microtubules and actin filaments.


Selected publications

1、Properties of tug-of-war model for cargo transport by molecular motors, Yunxin Zhang Physical Review E 79, 061918 (2009)

2、Dynamics of the tug-of-war model for cellular transport, Yunxin Zhang and Michael E. Fisher Physical Review E 82, 011923 (2010)

3、Cargo transport by several motors, Yunxin Zhang, Physical Review E 83,011909 (2011)

4、Periodic one-dimensional hopping model with transitions between nonadjacent states, Yunxin Zhang, Physical Review E 84, 031104 (2011)

5、Growth and shortening of microtubules: a two-state model approach, Yunxin Zhang, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 286(2011), 39439-39449.


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