The Centre for Computational Systems Biology (CCSB) was founded in March 2008. The Centre is affiliated to the Innovation Platform for Science and Technology of Fudan University. Our center focuses its research on Computational Neuroscience and Cellular Biology. The director of the centre is Professor Jianfeng Feng, also professor and head of the Laboratory of Computational Biology in Warwick University, United Kingdom. The Centre now has around 30+ research members and one full-time secretary. The Centre is divided into two Research Groups, Cellular Biology group and Neuroscience group.

     Cellular Biology
     Prof. Wei Lin leads Cellular Biology group, including
     Prof. David Waxman,
     Prof. Hong Qian,
     Prof. Yudong Cai,
     Assoc. Prof. Hao Ge,
     Assoc. Prof. Shuqin Zhang,
     Assoc. Prof. Yunxin Zhang,
     Assoc. Prof. Ruoyu Luo,
     Dr. Cong Zhou,
     Dr. Jing Kang,
     Dr. Xiaodian Sun,
     Dr. Huanfei Ma,
     PhD student: Bing Xu, Yang Pu, Ye Yao, and Siyang Leng.

     Assoc. Prof. Wenlian Lu leads the Computational Neuroscience group, including
     Prof. Tianping Chen,
     Prof. Keith Kendrick,
     Prof. Xuejuan Zhang,
     Assoc. Prof. Jie Zhang,
     Assoc. Prof. ShuiXia Guo,
     Dr. Qiang Luo,
     Dr. Bo Liu,
     Dr. Dimitris V. Vavoulis,
     Dr. Christophe Ladroue,
     PhD students: Tian Ge, WenBo Sheng, Yu Wu, and XiangNan He.

The members of the centre have various academic backgrounds, ranging from applied mathematics to statistics, from physics to molecular biology, and to neuroscience.This makes us a unique, active, and productive research centre. We have published many papers in
     Mol. Sys. Biol.(1),
     Curr. Biol.(3),
     J. Neurosci.(4),
     PLoS Comp. Biol..(3)
     and others.
Since the Centre is in its growing phase, we sincerely welcome colleagues who are interested in computational systems biology to join our research groups.

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