We officially welcome David Waxman to join the centre as Professor.

    David Waxman originally started his studies in physics, gaining a BSc at University College, London, in 1980. He then moved to Sussex University and under the supervision of Professor Tony Leggett gained a PhD in theoretical physics in 1984. After a one year postdoctoral position in the USA he was appointed as Lecturer in Theoretical Condensed State Physics at Sussex University. In 1994 he was promoted to Reader in Theoretical Physics. He subsequently changed subjects and in 1998 moved into the Biology Department at Sussex University and was made Professor of Biology in 2005. In 2011 he joined Fudan University as a Professor in the Centre for Computational systems Biology.
    In his research, Professor Waxman develops and analyses mathematical models to answer fundamental questions in evolution, population genetics and related subjects, with particular emphasis on the underlying statistical and stochastic aspects of these subjects. His research involves the use of mathematics, statistics and computer simulations, and may be described as theoretical biology, mathematical biology or computational biology. For a description of his current research and a full list of publications, please go to http://www.dwaxman.com/.

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